Collecting ocean fishing boat photography activities

China’s Fujian Province was born and prospered by the sea, with a sea area of 136,000 square kilometers, and the number of coastlines and islands ranks second in the country. It is rich in marine resources and has unique advantages in developing marine economy. In 2021, Fujian’s marine GDP will be about 1.18 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.4%, ranking third in the country for seven consecutive years, accounting for 24% of the province’s regional GDP. Slowly unfold….The Fujian Fisheries Mutual Insurance Association, the Fujian Fisheries Disaster Reduction Center and the Fujian Photographers Association jointly sponsored the “Fuyu, Fuhai, and Sea Safe Protection” Fujian marine photography publicity activities, and edited the large-scale picture book “Booming Fujian at Sea”.
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1. Content collection
For the general public, photographers, enthusiasts, and cadres and workers in the marine-related industry in the province collected photographs that reflect Fujian’s marine culture, marine economy, marine engineering, marine pastures, beautiful islands, charming coasts, ecological civilization, etc. Fujian” photography works such as human landscape, folk customs, social life, disaster prevention and mitigation, maritime rescue, maritime law enforcement, fishing boats ,night fishing, squid fishing boat surface lamp the works strive to have strong visual impact and high artistic appeal.

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2. Activity rules
1. There is no limit to the number of works to be collected, and there is no limit to the style and form of shooting. It can be a single work or a group of the same theme.(It can be the scenery of a fishing port pier, or it can be a night fishing boat or a light hanging from a squid boat
All photo works should be submitted electronically (JPG format, 1920 pixels on the long side of the picture), group photo 4~8 pieces (group photos, please spliced into one work submission, each group counts as one piece).
2. The submitted works must indicate: shooting time, location, creative ideas or shooting background, etc.
3. The works can be adjusted and modified in the later stage in accordance with the law, and major changes and changes are not allowed.
The post-processing of the type and combination that cannot present the real scenery or scenery.
4. Contributors should ensure that they are the authors of the submitted work, and that they own the entire and component parts of the work.
Independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyright; contributors should also ensure that the works they submit do not infringe
The legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc.
5. All the solicited works will not be returned. The organizer of the shortlisted works will uniformly retrieve the data files of the works and make them.
The organizer should submit the big data file to the organizer within the specified time.
voluntarily give up the qualification.
6. For all shortlisted works, the organizer has the right to hold exhibitions, publish albums, and publicize the works.
Wait, no more remuneration.
7. The personal income tax involved in this event will be withheld and paid by the organizer.
8. The organizer has the final right to interpret this call for papers. All contributors are deemed to agree to the
All regulations.
3.Finalist settings
This event collects 180 shortlisted works, including (pre-tax remuneration):
4. Submission method
Online submission website: (click to view: Contribution platform usage tutorial), in order to ensure the fairness of the competition, participants are required to register with their real names. One ID number can only be registered once, and the winner will be awarded The certificate will be filled in and mailed according to the registration information, please fill in carefully. Submitted works must indicate: shooting time, location, creative ideas or shooting background, etc.

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