Covid-19 impact, batch fishing operation in Hainan Province

It was learned from the press conference on the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in Hainan province that Hainan will gradually resume fishing boats’ operation at sea “by regions and batches” from August 23.

Lin Mohe, deputy director of the Department of agriculture and rural affairs of Hainan Province, introduced that after comprehensive analysis and judgment, Hainan will gradually resume fishing boats’ operation at sea “by regions and batches” from August 23. Wenchang, Haikou, Qionghai, Chengmai and Changjiang are the first batch of cities and counties that meet the sea opening conditions. The sea opening time of Sansha city is determined by the people’s Government of Sansha city.

Lin Mohe said that Kaihai city and county must achieve zero social coverage for more than 72 consecutive hours; Fishery towns and villages shall belong to the non epidemic area or low-risk area; Fishermen must have no history of living in high and medium risk areas within 7 days, and hold a 48 hour negative certificate of nucleic acid test before going to sea.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on August 20, there were 440 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, 625 asymptomatic infections, and the number of social infections decreased significantly. Among them, the development trend of epidemic situation in Danzhou, Dongfang, Wanning, Ledong and other cities and counties has been curbed. Lingshui and Lingao counties have achieved the dynamic elimination of social aspects. The number of newly infected people in Sanya has decreased for three consecutive days.

Quanzhou Jinhong electro-optical technology Co., Ltd. originally planned to visit the fishing lamp  agent in Hainan Province in August. Now, we are sorry to inform you that due to the impact of COVID-19, the company’s staff changed the visit date to mid September. The Quanzhou factory will deliver the fishing lamp and ballast ordered by customers on time. Thank you!

Post time: Aug-24-2022