Notice on management of《 fishing log 》of marine fishery vessel

In order to comprehensively strengthen the management of the《 fishing log》 of marine fishery vessels, the Municipal Oceanic Development Bureau organized a special training meeting on the fishing log of marine fishery vessels on July 20. Quanzhou Jinhong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting as a fishery representative. At the venue, PPT was used to show the samples filled in the《 fishing log》, and the requirements for filling in the fishing log were explained in detail. According to the notice on strengthening 《the management of the(fishing log)of marine fishery vessels》, the relevant legal basis and punishment provisions for violations of the 《fishing log 》were comprehensively explained.




In the follow-up, the oceanic Development Bureau will also carry out several training activities, focusing on strengthening the publicity and education on the standardized filling of the fishing log for duty crew and rating crew, so as to ensure that all ship owners and captains in our city can learn, attach importance to and standardize the implementation of the management provisions of the 《fishing log》.




After the opening of the sea, the oceanic Development Bureau will carry out regular law enforcement inspection. On the basis of direct inspection of the paper fishing log, it will compare and verify the catch of fishing vessels, fishing behavior, fishing gear and fishing methods, navigation equipment and other aspects, and check whether the filling of the《 fishing log》 is true, standardized and effective. Timely notify and seriously rectify the problems found in the law enforcement inspection。

In order to protect the marine ecological environment and the sustainable development of marine resources in the future. As the production plant of main fishing gear (including fishing lamp, ballast and underwater cable), we will resolutely and strictly implement the call of the China Fisheries Administration and publicize the significance of protecting marine ecology to more customers!


Post time: Jul-27-2022