Simple determination method for collecting fishing lamp problem

Most of the time, the fish-collecting lamps newly loaded by fishermen will appear “no light”, “self-extinguishing”, “stroboscope” and other phenomena. I don’t know where the problem is. Now questioned the fishing lamp, now questioned the ballast. In fact, the determination of this phenomenon is very simple, according to the following elimination method can quickly find the root of the problem.


Example: a fishing boat, newly installed 100 lights.
1.find all the lights are not on. Can determine: line and mechanical problems.
2. Some lights are found to be off or self-extinguishing or stroboscopic.
Remove the lamp at the station in question. Use three lights without problem stations (lights that can be lit normally) and load them into problem stations in turn.
A: If the three lamps have abnormal phenomena, or all the three lamps are abnormal, it is judged that the ballast or the line is faulty.
B: If all the three lamps are normal, it is judged that the fish collecting lamp is faulty
3.Remove the lights in the station with problems (3 are best) and put them into the station with normal lights in turn.
A: If all the three lights can burn normally, it is judged that there is no problem for the collecting fishing lamp
B: If all the 3 lamps fail to have normal ignition points, it is judged to be the problem of the collector lamp.
C: If any of the 3 lamps fail to have normal ignition points, it is judged to be the mechanical and electrical problem of the ship (Note: electrical and mechanical voltage and frequency will affect the normal ignition of the ballast and collector lamp)

The above troubleshooting method is only for fishermen friends who can easily troubleshoot and find out the root cause of the problem。、

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Post time: Feb-18-2023