PHILOONG underwater LED fishing light latest development information

China has four large sea areas, namely Zhoushan fishing ground, Bohai Bay fishing ground, South China Sea fishing ground and Beibu Bay fishing ground, which are very rich in Marine resources. China is a big fishing country, and its fishing volume ranks first in the world, especially the Marine fishing industry is developed. Not long ago, we have issued a “good fishing lights, so that fishermen more healthy production and income” article, focused on showing and introducing the domestic situation of LED fishing lights. However, because fisheries are Marine resource scientific and technological products, the core technology of developed countries in fisheries has not been truly shared, and the phenomenon of “fishing lights only know how to use them and do not know the reason” has always existed, and the technologies of various countries are uneven. Therefore, the traditional glass fishing lamp have been dependent on imports for a long time.
Today, our company will not only MH fishing light quality to be comparable to the Japanese and Korean brands, in the future, we will develop the latest, LED underwater fishing light, in the research and development of lucky we will involve lamps, fishing lamp holder, fixed frame, power supply and dimmer a complete set of underwater lighting system. In the future, the development direction of our underwater fishing light will make the unique advantages of the product: small, light, water depth up to 300 meters, with overheating protection, dimmable, single lamp or integral control. At the same time to make 1000, 2000, 3000 different power products. Matching the needs of different fishing boats, it has been better applied in many light purse Seine and medium-sized squid fishing boats, and it is worth watching in the industry.

LED underwater fishing ligth

There are many theories about the relationship between fish species and light colors, but it is best to simply think that wavelengths with good underwater transmittance are excellent for fish collection. The figure below shows the ocean area and the transmittance of each wavelength of light. Select light whose wavelength matches the color of the ocean in each fishery.

LED water fishing light

So when our engineers developed this underwater LED fishing light, based on these setting directions, we hope that this new LED fishing light can better help fishermen.
[Basic performance]
● Lamp shape
● Replaceable light bulb (existing socket)
● Use 2-core underwater lighting cable (existing product)
● Can use existing UL lamps (type 2, 3, 5)
● Can use the existing lamp protection cover (2KW: Type C shield) ● Maintenance of lamp parts
● Waterproof depth 300m
● Weight about 10kg (when installing Type 2 lights) ● Yes
Use existing underwater light winders
● Equipped with lamp heating protection function

● Dimming (0 to 100%)
● Open and close immediately
● Flash emission (flash synchronization, dimmable)
● Storage and call of various Settings
● (New function) Simultaneous control of multiple lights
● Independent control multiple light control can be switched

Let’s look forward to the successful testing of this new LED underwater fishing light on the fishing boat to play its powerful function of attracting fish

Post time: Jul-31-2023