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  • China Fishery Mutual Assistance Insurance Association was established in Beijing

    On March 17, the founding meeting of China Fishery Mutual Assistance Insurance Society was held in Beijing. Ma Youxiang, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Fujian Quanzhou Jinhong Photoelectric Responsibility Technology Co., Ltd. represen...
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  • A message from a customer in the Philippines

    A message from a customer in the Philippines

    In March 2023, the customer in the Philippines sent a message that the Marine collecting fish lamp produced by our company had won the trust of more fishing boat owners in the local market, and they were very optimistic about our sales prospects in the Philippines this year. While chatting with o...
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  • The Theme Month of Learning from Lei Feng Volunteer Service was launched

    On March 5, 2023, “Fujian Politeness · Quanzhou Demonstration · Xiaoxiao Zhenhai” volunteer courtesy action and Zhenhai District Learning from Lei Feng Volunteer Service Theme Month activity was held at the square in front of the Great Hall of the People, Zhaobaoshan Street, Zhenhai D...
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  • Quality Tracking Month

    In March, the 10th “Quality Tracking Month” activity of Jinhong Optoelectronics with the theme of “optimized design, stable process, and continuous improvement” was carried out as scheduled. During the one-month activity, the leading group fully implemented the concept of ...
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  • 4000W aerial fishing light North Pacific squid fishing vessel successfully deployed

    Light trapping fishery is one of the important operations in marine fishing, which uses the phototaxis of marine organisms to lure marine organisms into fishing tools to achieve the purpose of capture; At present, the large-scale commercial production includes light purse seine operation, which m...
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  • Different Fishing Methods

    Different Fishing Methods

    A. Divided by operation water area (sea area) 1. Large surface fishing in inland waters (rivers, lakes and reservoirs) Inland water fishing refers to large surface fishing operations in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Due to the wide water surface, the water depth is generally deep. For example, th...
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  • How to select the light color of the fishing lamp

    How to select the light color of the fishing lamp

    Red light The application of red light source in fish collecting lamp is generally an incandescent light source made of selenium cadmium sulfide red glass. This kind of lamp is generally used for autumn knife fish light to lure fish. However, as the final light collection and fish gathering in t...
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