4000w squid lights for boats north pacific squid fishing vessel successfully deployed

Light trapping fishery is one of the important operations in marine fishing, which uses the phototaxis of marine organisms to lure marine organisms into fishing tools to achieve the purpose of capture; At present, the large-scale commercial production includes light purse seine operation, which mainly catches mackerel fish, dace and other pelagic fish. In addition, it is squid fishing operation, such as squid fishing in the northern Pacific Ocean in China from June to November every year. This kind of operation is to produce at night and rest during the day. 100-400 1000w-1500w fishing light for squid   are hung above the ship. With the improvement of fish lamp production equipment and production process, the Professional Fishing lamp factor has been able to reach 4000w on the surface of the boat and 15,000W underwater fishing lamp, and the underwater lamp can dive into the ocean to a depth of 300 meters to complete the work of attracting fish. The power used on the surface of the boat reaches 2000W, and the power of the underwater LED fishing light 4000W, and it can be submerged 500 meters below the water to complete the work of attracting fish.

Due to the special working conditions of fishery production, the metal halide fishing lamp, E40 fishing lamp holder, Energy saving ballast for fishing lights etc. often beat in the waves and work in the shaking of ships, so they must have good shockproof and waterproof performance. The metal halide lamp body structure produced by our company can withstand vibration and impact without dmage. Under abnormal circumstances, the scrap rate is very small, and maintenance is extremely convenient. The shockproof and explosion-proof shell materials we use, the special spectrum of gathering fish, the American GE lamp tube and the electrode made in Japan, cooperate with the rigorous production process of our company, and the fish collecting lamp and ballast produced by our company have surpassed other factories in terms of service life and fish trapping effect.

Quanzhou JINHONG fishing lamp production factory sincerely suggests: implement scientific fishing, reasonably develop and utilize fishery resources, protect fish reproduction and proliferation, and achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Post time: Aug-09-2022