10000W Deep water fishing lamp

Short Description:

Rigorous manufacturing process

Thickened quartz shell material

Quartz tube imported from USA

Chip imported from Germany

Super sealing performance

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Product Parameters

Product Numbe Lamp holder Lamp Power [ W ] Lamp Voltage [ V ] Lamp Current [A ] STEEL Starting Voltage :
TL-S10KW E39/E40 8500W±5% 470V±20 18.5A [ V ] < 600V
Lumens [Lm] Efficiencv [Lm/W ] Color Temp [ K ] Starting Time Re-starting Time Average Life
930000Lm ±10% 110Lm/W Green/Custom 5min 18 min 2000 Hr  About 30% attenuation
Weight[ g ] Packing quantity Net weight Gross weight Packaging Size Warranty
About1140 g 4pcs 4.6kg 7.8 kg 41×42×73.5cm 12months


1. This is an underwater fishing lamp with very strong penetration

2. High waterproof performance. With the corresponding underwater lamp frame, it can work 400 meters underwater

3. The pills specially configured in the United States and the unique production technology of Jinhong enable the products to have ultra-high luminous flux and low light decay.
4. Thickened quartz shell, waterproof and explosion-proof more powerful.

Effect of using underwater lights at night

The experiment shows that in the eastern and eastern waters of the North Pacific, a certain catch can be obtained by using underwater lights in the evening (before 16:30); The placement depth of the underwater lamp is generally about 200m, and the

shallowest is only 150m. However, the operating water depth is deep, generally 250 ~ 370m, which depends on the water depth of the underwater lamp. Generally, the fishing effect of the operating water layer below 340m is better; After using underwater lamp, fish loading is 1 ~ 1.5 hours earlier than without underwater lamp. After sorting and analyzing the test records, the operating water depth with the highest squid hooking rate is the water layer below 300m, and the average hooking rate reaches more than 3.0 tails / time. When the operating water depth is 250 ~ 270m, the hook rate is only 0.77 tail / time. In addition, 58 times of fishing were conducted when the operating water depth was within 200m, and no squid was caught, and the hook rate was 0.0%. All these indicate that the habitat water layer of squid is mostly below 300m before the evening. At the same time, due to the deep water layer and large individual, the decoupling rate is relatively high, with an average decoupling rate of 42%, generally between 35.0% - 51.0%. The yield is higher than that of fishing without deep-water fishing lights.

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