The 2024 Modern Fisheries Technology Forum will be held soon

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) will co-host the “2024 Modern Fishery Technology Forum” with Guangdong Science and Technology Newspaper, Guangdong Science Writers Association, Guangdong Fisheries Society, Guangdong Oceanographic Society and Guangdong Oceanology and Limnology Society in Conference Room 3, Zone A of China Import and Export Fair Hall on June 11. Authoritative experts and scholars in the industry will be invited to make wonderful speeches.

2024 fishing lamp

Seeking the “light” of modern fishing technology

Focus on the frontier disciplines such as smart fishery, Marine pasture, advanced equipment and modern seed industry, share the latest development of fishery science and technology, the research and application of key core technologies of metal halide fishing lamp, and offer suggestions for accelerating the modernization of fisheries in Guangdong

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01.Farming the sea, herding and fishing
World fishing to see China, advanced fishing lights to see Jinghong

China is the world’s first aquaculture country and seed industry country. In 2023, the total annual output of aquatic products in China reached 71 million tons, and the annual fishery output ranked first in the world. Thanks to the progress of modern fishery technology, the “2024 Modern Fishery Technology Forum” will be based on the application of advanced technology and equipment in China’s fishery production, focusing on the technological innovation of fishing vessels and fishing tools, attracting fish lamp。 fishery equipment, intelligent aquaculture and management, fishery environmental protection and environmental monitoring, and tap the development potential of fisheries. To provide scientific and technological support for its high-quality development.

02.Start a new one
Chinese fishing see Guangdong

Guangdong is the largest fishery province in China, occupying the first place in fishery production, seedling production, fishery economic output value and other aspects, and has a leading position in the world fishery industry. Facing the development direction of the whole industrial chain of modern Marine ranching, Guangdong has accelerated the construction of a trillion-level modern Marine ranching industrial cluster, and promoted the transformation and upgrading of Marine fisheries to information, intelligent and modern. The forum invited experts and scholars from South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Agricultural Technology Extension Center, Sun Yat-sen University, Ocean University of China, Guangdong Ocean University, Ningbo Ocean University, Guangdong Fisheries Society and other research institutes, universities, societies and enterprises to gather in Guangdong to jointly look forward to the future of modern Marine fishery technology. Lianyungang Qomolangma Jinhong Marine Technology Co., Ltd. produces high-quality fishing lights, which occupy 60% of the market in Guangdong, China, and are deeply liked by fishermen friends.

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03.Chase the light for fish
New quality productivity leads the development of new fishing lights

Science and technology is the basic support to realize the modernization of fisheries and an important guide to drive the high-quality development of fisheries. During the 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, the “2024 Modern Fishery Technology Forum” will be held, which will discuss hot topics such as new “fish-light integrated” farming, LED integrated fish lamp research and development, smart fishery platform building, and Marine fishing technology development, exchange the latest progress of fishery technology, and promote the landing application of new technologies and new achievements in modern fisheries. We will speed up the development of new quality productive forces and make the fishery industry bigger, stronger and better.

June 11th
Let’s meet Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
Zone A, conference room 3
We will help modernize the fishery industry

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