TT90 quartz 2000w fishing lamp exporter

Short Description:

Stronger protection against vibration and wind resistance

Easy to move and keep

Uv proof glass is used

Larger luminescent tube design than other brands

Imported chip

Super attractive fish

The color of light favored by squid fishing boats

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Product Parameters

Product Numbe

Lamp holder

Lamp Power [ W ]

Lamp Voltage [ V ]

Lamp Current [A ]

STEEL Starting Voltage :





8.8 A

[ V ] < 500V

Lumens [Lm]

Efficiencv [Lm/W ]

Color Temp [ K ]

Starting Time

Re-starting Time

Average Life

230000Lm ±10%




18 min

2000 Hr  About 30% attenuation

Weight[ g ]

Packing quantity

Net weight

Gross weight

Packaging Size


About730 g

12 pcs


12.9 kg


18 months



Product Description

The 2000W aviation fish lamp (pro) produced by Jinhong company is made of quartz with high ultraviolet filter, quartz lamp tube imported from the United States, large light-emitting tube with diameter of 45mm and fish lamp cap with the same configuration as 4000W air lamp, which can better prevent the damage of lamps caused by unstable current generated by fishing boats under the unstable state of generator. It has better wind resistance and better fishing effect.

If your fishing boat needs to turn on and off the lights many times at night. We suggest you choose this pro. This model adopts an enlarged electrode sheet, which can resist the impact of unstable current in repeated startup. Moreover, compared with the 2000W led produced by other factories, it increases the outer diameter and length, and the penetration effect of light on the underwater is better. We have a very rigorous factory management mode and excellent production technology, which can ensure that each fishing lamp is an excellent helper for you.

Our main production process flow:
Tube pressure seal Exhaust tubes Lamp tube aging test
Lamp holder pressure seal Fixed frame welding Assembly (Lamp holder+tube+The shell) Components of welding Components of exhaust Assembly of the base Finished lamp sophisticated Inspection Packaging Shipment


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