Is there another explanation? The sky in Zhoushan is red with blood!

At about 8 pm on May 7, a red scene appeared over the sea area of Putuo District, Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, which attracted the attention of many netizens. Netizens left messages one after another. What's the situation?

Red LED fishing light

Blood red sky: is it really the light of an ocean going ship?

Multiple online videos showed that on the evening of May 7, the sky in Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province showed an unusually bright red in part, which was shocking. Local residents were amazed: "what's the weather?" "What's the matter?"
A local resident in Zhoushan said she saw the bright red sky in Putuo District of Zhoushan City at that time, but the red sky didn't last long.
According to the analysis reflected by several witnesses, the place where the red sky appears appears in the East Sea area of Zhoushan Islands, and the closer it is to the sea sky junction, the stronger its red is. This strange phenomenon has attracted the attention of the staff of Zhoushan meteorological observatory. According to the analysis of the situation at that time, it is likely to be caused by the refraction and reflection of the light source by the particles in the atmosphere.

The biggest possibility is the red fishing lights of ocean-going fishing boats. For example, many fishing vessels fishing for migratory fish will use light to lure fish, and fishing vessels will use high-power red light in order to lure fish in a wider range, because saury is a kind of fish with strong phototaxis and is particularly sensitive to red light. Under the light of red ratio 65R ~ 95R, it can make the wandering saury quiet and detour in red light.

1000w LED attracts squid lightsDuring the fishing of saury, we usually use the fish detection radar to find the fish, then drive the fishing boat near the fish, then use the sea sweeping strong light to attract the distant fish nearby, and then turn on the white light saury lights on both sides of the fishing boat (500W transparent incandescent lights, color temperature 3200K). The light of the white incandescent lights has a trapping effect on the saury!1000w Ocean Fishing LED Lights

this time, the saury will gather in the light area, but it is still relatively active. Then, when the fish are dense, gradually turn off the white light saury light, and then turn on the red light saury light to calm the fish, and then you can carry the net for fishing.

The high-intensity red light of the fish trap lamp is scattered on the water surface and scattered by water vapor and suspended particles in the atmosphere, and then radioactive diffuse red light appears above the fishing boat. In order to achieve this diffuse red light in half the sky, the requirements for meteorological conditions are also relatively high. For example, both water vapor and suspended particles must meet certain conditions. If the weather is fine, there are few suspended particles, Then there may not be diffuse red light that is difficult to find the light source.

Therefore, please do not worry, to make a professional fishing light production factory, we produce green fishing lights, blue fishing lights, when these high-power fishing lights up, the nearby sky may be green, may also be blue.If these high wattage Underwater fishing lights work, the color of the water will also become the same as the light, such as blue underwater fishing lights, when they work, the color of the nearby water is blue.

Post time: May-12-2022