Do you think it’s really color temperature that determines the lure effect

Do you think it’s really color temperature that determines the lure effect
Answer NO
Everyone has been winding around in this misconception
Determining the effect of luring fish
Luminance  spectral   penetration
The ultimate goal is to
(Phototactic domain+adaptive domain)

1000w fising lamp

It’s not the fish light that gets brighter
It’s not the more penetrating it is
The phototaxis and photoliths will be larger
It has nothing to do with color temperature
Comprehensive consideration of luminance spectrum penetration
The spectrum is the core
On the basis of the critical spectrum
The relationship between brightness and color temperature penetration
① The higher the color temperature, the smaller the surface irradiation distance, and the deeper the underwater penetration depth.
② The higher the color temperature, the lower the brightness of 3000K~4000K~5000K~6000K~7000K.
③ The higher the color temperature, the whiter the color, to green light. The more dazzling it is, the brighter it will feel to the naked eye. Actually, the brightness is getting lower and lower.
The lower the brightness of blue and white light, the smaller the underwater penetration, and the smaller the surface irradiation distance.


Whether you are using 1000W metal halide fishing lamps or 4000W metal halide fishing lamps
You want to get the best value for brightness and penetration
The color temperature at this point plays a balancing role

1500w fising lamp

The results of 1000W metal halide fishing lamp are compared at different color temperatures in the laboratory
We can see that
At 3600K-4000K color temperature
Can achieve maximum brightness
Penetration under the deepest water
The farthest water irradiation distance

The human eye sees the color temperature of 7000K, which feels very bright and dazzling, but its luminous flux and luminous efficiency are the lowest. So fishermen, which color temperature do you choose?

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Post time: Nov-23-2023