5000W Deep water fishing lamp

Short Description:

50MM luminous tube

All imported materials

Super waterproof and shockproof

Can dive to 300 meters deep

Excellent fishing effect by good underwater penetrated color

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Excellent resistance to water pressure

Special design of exclusive glass

Excellent fishing ability


Lighting Parameters

Product Numbe Lamp holder Lamp Power [ W ] Lamp Voltage [ V ] Lamp Current [A ] STEEL Starting Voltage :
TL-S5KW E39 4700W±5% 230V±20 22A [ V ] < 500V
Lumens [Lm] Efficiencv [Lm/W ] Color Temp [ K ] Starting Time Re-starting Time Average Life
500000Lm ±10% 126Lm/W Green/Custom 5min 18 min 2000 Hr  About 30% attenuation
Weight[ g ] Packing quantity Net weight Gross weight Packaging Size Warranty
About700 g 12 pcs 8.4kg 12.4kg 47.5×35.5×56 cm 12months

Basic Product Information

1. 5000W super power fish collector lamp, with an increased diameter of 50MM light-emitting tube and imported chips
Sufficient power, strong penetration, high waterproof performance.
2.Jinhong unique production technology, lamps and lanterns longer service life
3.After two years of use by fishing boats, the service life of jinhong's 5KW underwater products is about 30% longer than that of other brands

At the port of Shenzhen and Shanghai in China, we use two brands of 5000W underwater fishing lights to catch fish on the same fishing boat at the same time. Two years later (the official use time of the fishing boat is about 2500 hours). The crew on board took the two lights back to the factory for testing. The test results are as follows:
Photometric parameters:
Company brand: luminous flux: 273535.7lm luminous efficiency: 58.6lm/w
Other brands: luminous flux: 83341.0lm luminous efficiency: 16.9lm/w
The experimental results show that the light attenuation of other brands is three times that of our factory products.
Therefore, the quality of our products can be guaranteed.
★ Tips:
There are two specifications of 5000W underwater lamp, namely:
1. Input voltage 230V ± 20, with 220V ballast made in China.
2. Input 280v ± 20 and match the ballast made by Koto in Japan.
So before buying, please tell the staff that your ballast is the input voltage value.


★ Our company uses the test report after 2 years


★Test report of other brands after 2 years of use

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