Fishing log filling requirements

Quanzhou Jinhong Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. should meet the needs of fishermen. We sorted out the specific requirements for filling in the《 fishing log 》from the meeting of the China National Oceanic Resources Administration. Now show it to all fishermen.
1. Article 25 of the Fisheries Law stipulates that large and medium-sized marine fishing vessels engaged in fishing activities in the waters under the jurisdiction of the people’s Republic of China must fill in the《 fishing log 》of the people’s Republic of China every day. Catch carriers and other auxiliary fishing vessels may only fill in the applicable contents.
2. During fishing production, one page of the fishing log is filled in every day to record the operation and catch from 12 noon of the previous day to 12 noon of the same day.
3. The captain of the fishing boat is responsible for the authenticity and integrity of the 《fishing log 》and signs it every day. The columns of the《 fishing log》 shall not be left blank. If there is no corresponding content, it can be indicated by a slash.
4. When the contents of the fishing log need to be modified, draw two lines on the contents that need to be modified, write the modified contents above or below it, and indicate the name and date of the modifier in the remarks column.
5. Fishing vessels shall submit 《fishing logs 》to the fishery department or fishery administration agency of the people’s government at the county level where the port is located after returning to the port. Those who use electronic fishing logs shall submit them daily. The fishing log of the current year shall be bound into volumes in order and kept on board for future reference. The fishing log of the previous year shall be submitted to the fishery department or fishery administration organization of the people’s government at the county level where the port of registry is located before January 10 of each year. According to the requirements of the fishery law enforcement officers, the owner or master of the fishing vessel shall provide the required fishing log for the current year at any time.
6. Operation mode fill in the actual mode of fishing. For example, fishing light purse seine operation? Trawl operation? Fixed net fishing? Longline fishing?
7. Pencils and other pens that can be altered shall not be used to fill in the 《fishing log》.
As a factory specializing in the production of fishing tools, we sincerely hope that all fishermen can cherish marine resources and fish marine products reasonably. Do not over produce and work, and jointly guard the sustainable development of marine resources.

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Post time: Aug-02-2022