Good fishing lights, so that fishermen more healthy production income!


“Want to eat good seafood, stay until the fishing festival”. The scene of thousands of ships is very spectacular, careful people may find that hundreds of fishing boats are covered with “gourd gourd” like big light bulbs, this is like the light bulb is used to “lure fish”, the original seafood also love light ah! After many years of human experience, fishing boats, fishing methods and night fishing light setup  have been constantly upgraded. Protecting Marine ecological resources, scientific fishing, catching more fish, more precious fish and more nutritious fish has been the goal of everyone’s efforts.


There are such a group of people, working day and night, are using LED technology to upgrade the existing fishing lights, eliminate the existing high oil consumption, slow start, easy to damage, toxic to seawater, harmful to human health, low life of the traditional “gourd gourd” like large halide bulbs.


In order to realize the 1200w LED fishing light can improve the yield of fish, increase the value of fishing, save the fuel consumption of fishing boats, reduce Marine pollution, convenient operation of fishermen, for the benefit of fishermen. This group of people brought pictures of some fishing boats using LED fishing lights. After the test of time, wind, rain and seafood, the LED fishing lights people more believe that “the long wind will break the waves, and the cloud sail will sail the sea”.
Our company based on many years of traditional metal halide fishing light production and use experience. We believe that in order to improve the fishing yield of LED fishing lights, the LED spectrum must be as good as the sunlight. But it’s a tough nut to crack. So currently LED fishing lights, more suitable for clear sea water, shallow fishing fish fishing. The ability to attract squid has been relatively strong, but the ability to attract some other fish needs to be improved. Fishermen can choose what kind of fishing lights to use according to the fishing species in their own waters.


But there is no denying that more and more fishermen are embracing LED fishing lights. This is much more open than the self-imposed isolation of our fisherman friends ten years ago. The 1000w LED fishing light. produced by our company replaces 2000w Marine fishing light in Indonesia and Hainan and Guangxi of China.

Post time: May-25-2023