How to choose the copper core or aluminum core of the special ballast for fishing lamps?


Recently, through our staff research in the fishing port, we found that there are a variety of fishing lamp ballasts on the market, and we have split the most common 1000w fishing lamp ballasts on the market. It is found that the parallel circuit used by the 1000W aluminum core ballast, its capacitor is to compensate the ballast work, for such a capacitor, the quality requirements are high, otherwise it is easy to use only about two months, the capacity of the fishing lamp capacitor a large number of attenuation, and some even only 50% of the new capacitor
Due to the insufficient capacity of the capacitor, it is easy to cause the fishing light on board to flicker. Some fishing lights are even off.
The copper ballast uses a series circuit with two control line packages. The capacitor in series only plays a role in the lighting moment of the ballast operation. The loss is smaller than that of parallel circuits

ballast for fishing lamp
Aluminum core ballasts and copper core ballasts are two common lamp electronic components used to stabilize power supply voltage and control current work. Their main difference is the use of different core materials, namely aluminum core and copper core. Electrical conductivity: Copper is a good conductive material, has a low resistance, can effectively transfer current. The electrical conductivity of aluminum is relatively poor, and under the same conditions, the electrical conductivity of the aluminum core ballast will be slightly worse. Heat dissipation performance: Copper has high heat conduction performance, good heat dissipation effect, and can effectively dissipate the heat generated. In contrast, the heat conductivity of aluminum is poor, and its heat dissipation effect is not as good as copper. Weight and cost: Aluminum is lighter than copper and relatively light in weight, so aluminum core ballasts are lighter than copper core ballasts at the same power. While the cost of aluminum is relatively low, the price of aluminum core ballast is usually cheaper than that of copper core ballast. Corrosion resistance: Copper has excellent corrosion resistance and is not easily eroded by moisture and chemicals. In contrast, aluminum has poor corrosion resistance and is susceptible to oxidation and corrosion. In general, the aluminum core ballast is suitable for some high weight requirements, relatively low cost, and in the corrosion and heat dissipation performance requirements are not high occasions; The copper core ballast is suitable for some occasions that require high electrical conductivity, heat dissipation and corrosion resistance. The choice of which core material to use depends on the specific application requirements.
As a professional fishing lamp production factory, we only recommend that the fishing lamp is less than 1500W, and the fishing boat owner can configure the aluminum core ballast, otherwise the excessive temperature of the aluminum core ballast will easily lead to damage to the equipment on board and safety risks.

For high-power fishing lamps with power greater than 2000W, special ballasts for all copper fishing lamps must be configured.

Post time: Sep-14-2023