YK-2P-1.5KW/220V/50HZ 1500w×2 fishing lamp Ballast

Short Description:

Supply two fish lamps to work

Small volume, large energy

Good vibration resistance

Long service life

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Technical Parameters
Lamp Power(W)


Open Circuit Input Current(A)


Open Circuit Output Voltage(V)


Short Circuit Input Current(A)


Short Circuit Output Current(A)


Iput Volts(V)


Working Current(A)


Power Factor(PF)


A 415
B 225
C 215
D 455
Weight(KG) 24
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Outline Diagram



Product Description

Jinhong factory has complete aluminum die-casting equipment, strong mold design and development force and strong production capacity of new products. The main production of various specifications of fish lamp supporting ballasts.

The products are exported to Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea and so on.

We will, as always, forge ahead with advanced technology, scientific management, quality and considerate service.

The ballast produced by the company has the functions of constant power performance, fast start performance, anti radiation interference, back current interference and so on. The most important thing is to protect the circuit environment: short circuit protection, no-load protection, reverse connection protection, low-voltage operation and protection, overvoltage protection and so on. The high and unstable AC and unstable voltage from the fishing boat generator will be transformed into DC with stable voltage and current of about 220V after clipping and voltage stabilization, and the voltage stability will always be guaranteed to protect the electrical appliances used from being burned out by too high voltage. Prolong the service life of the fish collecting lamp.

There are three types of 1500W fish lamp ballasts commonly used in the market:
1. Pure copper wire core (recommended by the company)
2. Aluminum wire core (cheap, only for low-power products, this configuration is not recommended)
3. Semi copper aluminum core (moderate price, products within 1500W can be selected)

※※Difference between aluminum wire and copper wire※※
1. The cut-off flow of copper wire and aluminum wire is different;
2. Aluminum wire is relatively cheap;
3. Aluminum wire is lighter;
4. The mechanical strength of aluminum wire is poor;
5. The aluminum wire is easily oxidized at the connecting line end, and the temperature rise will occur after the connecting line end is oxidized
6. The internal resistance of copper wire is small. Aluminum wire has greater internal resistance than copper wire, but it dissipates heat faster than copper wire. It is mainly due to different current carrying capacity and mechanical strength. Copper resistivity 0.017, aluminum 0.029 Therefore, the current carrying capacity of aluminum is about 80% of that of copper. Mechanical strength copper is much better.
Please tell our staff the configuration requirements you need before purchasing.

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