MH fishing lamp American standard town flow device knowledge explanation

1000w /1500w fishing lamp  ballasts  name and abbreviation

HID (LT type) ballast is really named Constant Wat tage Autotransformer,
Referred to as CWA, its translation is “constant power autocoupler booster ballast”, commonly known as “leading term peak ballast”
Our company called this type of ballast LT ballast is mainly based on the silicon steel sheet structure of the ballast
Row named, applies only to internal definitions.

Shunt disk
1000w ballast

When selecting the working line of the CWA ballast, it is mainly determined according to the electrical parameters provided by the ANSI series light source standard.
The main American standard fishing light ballast lines on the market are as follows:

1000:1500w ballast
The line is CWA series capacitor,
Resonates through series capacitors
Boost the starting line,
The main line is scandium
Light source design, domestic called beauty
Gold halide fishing lam (JLZ).

At present, the 1000W and 1500W ballasts used by fishing vessels in China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries are mostly American standards

◆CWA has a constant output power function; The matching metal halide lamp can reduce light decay and extend the life of the light source; Matching height
Pressure sodium lamps reduce voltage fluctuations on the ballast output by excessive power, resulting in reduced bulb life.
◆ Higher line power factor; The reactive power of the bus can be reduced and reduced.
◆CWA uses a wide range of voltage fluctuations; The operating voltage can fluctuate by 10%, and the instantaneous voltage drop can reach 60%.
The function of the constant output power of the ordinary impedance ballast is poor, and the voltage fluctuation range is only -8% 2 + 6%. CWA has voltage boost and voltage drop function, can be applied to 100~ 480V any single voltage or multi-voltage combination power system.
To match the needs of the light source
Ordinary impedance ballasts can only be used in a single – voltage range.

1500w fishing lamp ballast

1 is the impedance type ballast lamp at +5% supply voltage

Parabola of power output
2 is the impedance type ballast at the rated power supply voltage
Parabola of lamp power output
3 is the impedance type ballast lamp at -5% power supply voltage
Parabola of power output
4 is the lamp power of the CWA ballast at + 10% supply voltage
Rate output parabola
5 is the lamp power of CWA ballast at rated power supply voltage
Rate output parabola
6 is the lamp power of the CWA ballast at -10% supply voltage
Rate output parabola

The use of PHILOONG ballast for fishing lamp American temperature 180 degree coil, to meet the needs of foreign countries for CWA mainly N-level insulation system products, while other companies use insulation systems are H-level, our current product existing N-level insulation system is more suitable for actual use requirements

1. Multi-voltage segment use, use frequency is only 60Hz.

2. Good constant power characteristics.

3: Low temperature rise.

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