Several basic principles of purchasing metal halide fishing lamp

Supplier of aquatic 1500W fishing lamp

Fish trap lamp is one of the important tools in the production of light induced squid fishing. The performance of fish trap lamp directly affects the effect of fish trap. Therefore, the correct selection of fish trap light source is of great significance to production. The selection of MH fishing lamp shall generally meet the following requirements:

1. The light source has a large irradiation range.

2. The light source has sufficient illumination and can be suitable for attracting fish schools.

3. Simple and rapid start-up operation; The second start-up speed is fast.

4. The decline rate of light source is low. In the same service time, the lower the light decline, the better the quality of metal halide fishing lamp.

5. The lower the ultraviolet content of the aerial lamp, the better, so as to protect the health of the fishing boat staff.

6. The lamp is firm and shock resistant, and the underwater fishing lamp is watertight and pressure resistant.

The selection of irradiation range and illuminance of fish collecting lamp shall be able to meet the requirements of fish phototaxis and production. Only when fish are widely lured in a large range and concentrated in a small range can the purpose of fishing be achieved. The ideal fish collecting lamp not only has a large irradiation range, but also can adjust the light illumination at any time. The selection of water tightness and pressure resistance of underwater lamp should meet the needs of water depth of fishing ground.

Post time: Mar-12-2022