Fishing Lamp Base E40 E39 Lamp Holder IP65

Short Description:

Detachable lamp holder

Easy maintenance

High temperature resistant, flame retardant material

High waterproof performance IP65

High-frequency material

1000W-4000W Metal halide fishing light holder is provided

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    During the production of lamp holders in Jinhong factory, the operators must make self inspection records, check the appearance of products, carry out the first batch of product samples signed and sealed by the inspectors before the start, and fill in the first article inspection report. During the production process, according to the sampling inspection requirements of products, after each inspection item is completed, verify the three links of packaging products, workbench products and machine random products at the same time, and find problems, Timely correction and coordination. Those that do not meet the product quality requirements are not allowed to enter the warehouse.

    Product Description

    Our inspection is in charge of daily inspection report back to the situation, and check the inspection records for false or records exist question to find related inspector and operator for confirmation, operators will be said on the product outsourcing, can turn into the next process, injection molding of finished products, semi-finished products, qualified and nonconforming product, It shall be neatly placed in the specified area and marked according to the principles of identification and traceability management.
    So the quality of our products can let customers rest assured.

    Our Product Features

    Prevent Mis-settings.
    Safe Structure & Durable Design.
    Improve Operational fficiency.
    Easy to install and to change.
    New design with high quake-resistance.
    High robustness with original quake-resistant design.
    All aspects of after-sales service from Jinhong factory.

    Product Specification Sheet

    Picture Specifications Size Voltage Frequency Lamp holder Colour Exture of material Temperature resistance Application
     product-description1 1000W  product-description4 220V/380V 50/60HZ E39/E40 Green PBT 200℃ Airlines set fishing
     product-description2 1500W  product-description5 220V/380V 50/60HZ E39/E40 Green TPE+Stainless steel 150℃ Airlines set fishing
     product-description3 2000W  product-description6 220V/380V 50/60HZ E39/E40 Green PBT 200℃ Airlines set fishing
     product-description7 3000-5000W  product-description8 220V/380V 50/60HZ E39/E40 Green PPS 240℃ Airlines set fishing
     product-description9 3000-5000W  product-description10 220V/380V 50/60HZ E39/E40 Blue PPS 240℃ Airlines set fishing

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