3000W Night Fishing Light Fishing Lantern Ocean Fish Lamp

Short Description:

High luminous flux, high luminous efficiency

Various light colors in stock

Green light, white light, orange light, blue light

Excellent fish gathering effect

Excellent uv filter material

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Product Numbe

Lamp holder

Lamp Power [ W ]

Lamp Voltage [ V ]

Lamp Current [A ]

STEEL Starting Voltage :





12.9 A

[ V ] < 500V

Lumens [Lm]

Efficiencv [Lm/W ]

Color Temp [ K ]

Starting Time

Re-starting Time

Average Life

330000Lm ±10%




18 min

2000 Hr  About 30% attenuation

Weight[ g ]

Packing quantity

Net weight

Gross weight

Packaging Size


About 880 g

6 pcs


10 kg


18 months


Product Description

This 3000W aerial fishing light produced by US adopts high ultraviolet filter quartz material, which can filter out 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays (ordinary quartz ultraviolet filter material can only filter out 80%), reducing the physical damage of ultraviolet rays to the staff on board. The self-developed light source formula has good fishing effect and is suitable for ocean fishing vessels. Honglong ocean, China's largest ocean fishing group, has always been our most loyal customer partner.

Our workshop staff have more than 10 years of working experience, excellent technical skills and solid business ability. Each product can only be packaged and delivered after four tests. (detection of inner exhaust system, outer exhaust system, bulb aging and appearance).

Many fish and aquatic animal in natural waters have the habit of light clustering, such as mackerel, bamboo fish, sardine, herring, saury, squid, squid, shrimp and crab. The use of fish collecting lamps for trapping can greatly improve the fishing efficiency of fishing gear. Fish stocks are widely lured in a large range and more concentrated in a small range, so as to improve fishing production.

With our 3000W ballast and aerial lamp holder, the fuel consumption of fishing boats is lower, and the service life of fishing lamps is longer, so as to achieve the best fishing effect.
If you have used our product, you will love it.



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