Night fishing lamp for squid boats subsidy application

On August 12, the reporter learned from the Quanzhou Ocean and Fisheries Bureau that as of the end of July, Quanzhou had completed the distribution of 2,128 fishery resources conservation subsidies, with a subsidy of nearly 176 million yuan, and the progress of the distribution was at the forefront of the province.

It is understood that starting from 2021, Quanzhou will implement a subsidy policy for the conservation of marine fishery resources, and will be closed according to the marine season.

fisheries and responsible fishing indicators. Among them, the indicator of fishing moratorium during the marine season refers to the implementation of the national marine 

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The relevant provisions of the seasonal fishing moratorium system (including voluntary fishing moratorium), reflecting the effect of reducing fishing intensity; responsible fishing

Fishing indicators refer to the reporting of entry and exit ports, vessel position monitoring, fishing logs, product legality labels, aquatic wild

The status of management systems and measures such as animal protection reflects the effectiveness of the conservation of fishery resources.

The subsidy policy for the conservation of marine fishery resources adopts the method of post-subsidy.

Institutional and Responsible Fishing Institution measures are appropriately subsidized for domestic marine fishing vessels. December 2021, on the province

The city’s 2020 annual fishery resources conservation subsidy amount is 190 million yuan, and in February 2022, the province will start organizing the declaration

Distribution work, the subsidy involves 2,356 fishing boats in our city. Coastal counties (cities, districts), Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone

The competent fishery department dispatched a number of business backbones, worked overtime, went deep into the fishing port and fishing areas, and temporarily set up fishery resource storage facilities.

Protect the subsidy declaration window, improve the efficiency of declaration and review, and help fishermen get fishing boat subsidies as soon as possible.

In order to protect marine resources, the Chinese government requires all fishing boats to return to the port for maintenance from May to August every year, and prohibits fishing. In these few months, the hairtail, squid, saury, crab, shrimp, etc. in the sea are all multiplying and growing at a rapid rate. Fishing is prohibited and subsidies are given to fishing boats, so that fishermen and friends can repair the circuits, generators and ballast for fishing lamps of fishing boats with peace of mind. squid fishing submersible lights, etc., while replacing old equipment, it can also allow fish in the sea to grow freely. To achieve sustainable development of marine resources.


Source: Quanzhou Evening News, Fishery Information

Post time: Aug-16-2022