Night Fishing lamp For squid Boats. About to be caught

Recently, the reporter learned that according to the “Fujian Province implementation of the 2023 annual Marine summer Fishing moratorium system work Plan”, after 12 o ‘clock on August 20, the province’s sea areas will allow Night Fishing lamp for squid Boats, nets, gillnets, stringer shrimp drags and cage pot operations. Now, there are only two days left before the catch, so what are the fishermen doing? Let’s go to Tung Po Pier and have a look.

Recently, the boat boss Qiu Qingfang is very happy, because his new fishing boat has been officially launched in early July. At about 9 am on August 16, when the reporter saw him at the Dongpu Pier, he was letting the crew move vegetables, rice and other food to the fishing boat. He told reporters that there are only two days left before the MH night fishing light and net fishing vessel opens, and all the work on board must ensure that nothing goes wrong.

The 3000W fishing light on the fishing boat is unusually bright in the sun, and the fishermen have completed the overhaul of the whole set of tools and equipment to go to sea early, and are ready to do a big job. Qiu Qingfang said that after three months of rest, everyone expects to have a good harvest after fishing.

Night Fishing lampFor squid Boats

It is understood that the operation mode of the light surrounding (dressing) net is to use a large number of custom metal halide fishing lamps installed on the fishing boat in the dark night to lure fish to gather, and then round up with fishing nets. In addition to the fishermen busy preparing for the opening of the catch, the staff of the relevant departments in our city are also not idle for a moment. In the morning, the police of the Dongpu Border Police Station came to the dock early to carry out safety checks on the lighted fishing boat before going to sea.

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Dongpu Border Police Station police Chen Weilin: Fire inspection, fire extinguisher, fishing lamp ballast is equipped with how, as well as the life ring this setting, as well as the ship’s power console inside these lines, we will conduct a careful inspection, for their safety out to sea to do a guarantee.

underwater fishing lamp squid fishing boat

It is understood that at present, there are more than 170 underwater fishing lamp squid fishing boat in our city, after 12 o ‘clock on August 1, the sea area of the province will allow lights to circle (cover) nets, nets, gillnets, rod shrimp drags and cage pot operations. As it has entered the typhoon season, the relevant departments of the city also remind fishermen to pay attention to meteorological changes when they go to sea, master the weather conditions in the navigation and operation waters, and take effective safety measures before the arrival of bad weather. In addition, fishermen should pay attention to the arrangement of working time, and fishing boats should give in to each other to prevent accidents.

Of course, we are also looking forward to the summer fishing ban this year, the fishermen for the first time to go to sea with fish and shrimp, so that we all have fresh seafood to taste!

Post time: Aug-17-2023