2000W-Aerial Fishing Lamp (0UV)

Short Description:

Fish lamp for the health of crew

Basic Product Information

Product name: 2000W-aerial fishing lamp (0UV)

Product Detail

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Product Parameters

Product Numbe

Lamp holder

Lamp Power [ W ]

Lamp Voltage [ V ]

Lamp Current [A ]

STEEL Starting Voltage :





8.8 A

[ V ] < 500V

Lumens [Lm]

Efficiencv [Lm/W ]

Color Temp [ K ]

Starting Time

Re-starting Time

Average Life

225000Lm ±10%




18 min

2000 Hr  About 30% attenuation

Weight[ g ]

Packing quantity

Net weight

Gross weight

Packaging Size


About720 g

12 pcs




18 months


Product Description

The zero ultraviolet fishing lamp jointly developed by Jinhong and Ge silica gel group can filter 99.9% of the harmful ultraviolet rays in the HID fishing lamp. In this way, people working under the light will no longer be hurt by ultraviolet radiation. At the same time, it has a very good fishing effect.
We can customize 2000W, 3000W, 4000W straight tube or spherical 0 UV fish lamp for customers.
We are the only enterprise that can produce 0 UV fish lamp.
We have obtained Chinese invention patent for this 0 UV fish lamp.
0 UV transmission diagram:


UV notes of fish lamp

1. UVD vacuum ultraviolet with wavelength of 0-200nm will not propagate in the air and will do little harm to human body.
2. UVC short wave ultraviolet with the wavelength of 200 ~ 280nm burns the skin and causes sunny keratitis. Long term irradiation can lead to skin carcinogenesis
3.. The wavelength is 280 ~ 320nm UVB, and the skin will blister and erythema after long-term irradiation,
4. UVA long wave ultraviolet with the wavelength of 320 ~ 340nm. Long term irradiation will blacken the skin and accelerate aging.
5. The wavelength above 340nm is close to the wavelength of purple light, which is basically harmless to people and the environment



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