4000w New fishing light Patented technology 0UV fishing light

Short Description:

Exclusive initiative product

The UV radiation is 0

Certificate of patent

Suitable for deep sea squid fishing boats

Provide strong protection for the health of the crew

The spectrum that cuttlefish like

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Product Parameters

Product Numbe

Lamp holder

Lamp Power [ W ]

Lamp Voltage [ V ]

Lamp Current [A ]

STEEL Starting Voltage :





17 A

[ V ] < 500V

Lumens [Lm]

Efficiencv [Lm/W ]

Color Temp [ K ]

Starting Time

Re-starting Time

Average Life

460000Lm ±10%




18 min

2000 Hr

Weight[ g ]

Packing quantity

Net weight

Gross weight

Packaging Size


About 960g

6 pcs


10.4 kg


18 months





High quality metal halide fishing lights can affect the amount of fish caught by fishing boats. It is an indispensable part of fishing gear.

PHILOONG's zero UV fishing lights not only block all UV rays that are harmful to human health, but also support efficient fishing in a variety of other brands.

Product Description

Ultraviolet is the general term of radiation with wavelength from 0.01 micron to 0.40 micron in the electromagnetic spectrum. The shorter the UV wavelength, the greater the damage to human skin.
Ultraviolet rays generally do the following harm to human body:
1. Skin inflammation. UVB can cause epidermal damage, UVA can cause dermal damage, resulting in skin damage, molting, burning and erythema.
2. Tanning skin. After being irradiated by ultraviolet light, melanocytes will accelerate the secretion of melanin, resulting in skin blackening.
3. Aging skin. Collagen decomposes after being irradiated by ultraviolet light, which makes the skin loose and aging.
4. Increased risk of skin cancer
At present, the purple filtering effect of fish lamp in the market is divided into two categories:
1. Ordinary filter fish lamp contains about 10% harmful ultraviolet rays
2. High filter purple fish lamp contains about 5% harmful ultraviolet light
So the staff who spent a long time under the fish lamp. There will be red and swollen corners of the eyes, black and rough skin, peeling and ulceration of the skin.
The newly developed zero ultraviolet fish lamp of our company completely reduces the harm of ultraviolet rays to the health of the staff on board. And the fish collection effect is also very good. The company has obtained Chinese invention patent.

0 UV transmission diagram:



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