Discussion on technology and market of collecting fishing lamp(4)

4, environmental protection and energy saving is the driving force

LED fishing light market demand is driven by environmental protection and fishing costs, with the subsidy to fishermen’s fuel subsidies reduced year by year, the semiconductor light source of energy-saving environmental protection characteristics and LED light quality design is the outstanding advantages of LED fish lamp, LED fish lamp market is mainly in the production and energy saving performance of the replacement; At present, China’s fuel subsidy policy has not been reflected in the promotion of LED fishing lamps.

From the experimental data of Taiwan Chenggong University, it can be seen that the ratio of fish lamp to fuel consumption is as follows:

Fuel consumption analysis of fishing trawlers: offshore boat power 24%, fishing lights and fishing equipment 66%, freezing equipment 8%, other 2%.

Fuel consumption analysis of rod fishing vessels: offshore boat power 19%, fishing lights and fishing equipment 78%, other 3%.

Fuel consumption analysis of autumn knife/squid fishing vessels: offshore boat power 45%, fishing lights and fishing equipment 32%, freezing equipment 22%, other 1%.

According to statistical data analysis, at present, the fuel cost of fishing vessels in China accounts for about 50% ~ 60% of fishing costs, excluding crew salaries, fishing vessel maintenance, adding ice, adding water, diet and various expenses, etc., most fishing vessels are not optimistic about their profitability; LED fishing light is based on the purpose of reducing fishing energy consumption, it is difficult to stimulate the desire to buy, saving fuel consumption is not enthusiastic about the ship owner, increasing production is engaged in fishing fishermen’s essential demand for replacement, and energy saving mainly reflects the government’s policy orientation.

The evaluation of LED fish lamp focuses on fuel saving, ignoring the yield increase benefits brought by light quantity and light quality, which is the main factor that the replacement of LED fish lamp is difficult to be accepted by the market; The marketability of LED fishing light is whether fishermen can increase production and obtain higher fishing efficiency and benefits after replacement, this benefit will effectively offset the purchase cost of LED underwater fishing light, and the product design that does not pay attention to the effect of increasing production is difficult to obtain the purchasing power of fishermen.

According to the existing data at home and abroad, under the premise of ensuring production increase, the energy saving of fishing energy consumption of about 45% is a reasonable indicator (the data is calculated by the good bright solid light source Research Institute).

We believe that the design idea of LED fish lamp products should first consider whether it can improve the existing catch production, improve the fishing efficiency in the fishing cycle, can not simply for the purpose of energy saving, if you can not innovate in production and energy saving, the elimination rate of enterprises in the next few years will be very high.
5, LED fish light spectrum technology category

The technical purpose of collecting fish lamps is to achieve positive phototaxis of fish light induction to increase the catch, the so-called phototaxis, refers to the characteristics of animals to light radiation stimulation of directional movement. The directional movement toward the light source is called “positive phototaxis”, and the directional movement away from the light source is called “negative phototaxis”.

There is a minimum response value (threshold value) of fish behavior in response to light radiation of Marine fish with visual function, and the basic measure of threshold value is determined by the probability of swimming time of fish from dark area to bright area. However, the current academic research uses the average human eye bright vision metrology, which will produce the problem of light-induced mechanical research direction.

In addition, due to the different physical measures of response of different fish species, taking illuminance value as an example, the current research believes that the critical value of cone cells for fish is 1-0.01Lx, and that of column cells is: 0.0001-0.00001Lx, some fish will be lower, the unit of illuminance is to express the normal luminous flux per square meter per second, the use of this unit to express the amount of light into the fish-eye lens is indeed difficult, it should be noted that the measurement of illuminance value in the low-light environment measurement error is very large.

Suppose that the spectral shape of the collector lamp is shown in the figure:

underwater fishing lamp for squid
According to the threshold value of fish-eye column cells is 0.00001Lx, the corresponding number of light quantum can be calculated through the XD factor of spectral form, that is, the radiation energy of 1 billion photons in the area of 1 square micron. From this conversion value, it can be seen that there is indeed enough photon energy to stimulate the fish-eye column cells to produce stimulation. In fact, the threshold of this response can be even lower, and through the light quantum metric, we can establish a definite quantitative correlation with cytological analysis.

The light quantum unit of the spectrum can be used to accurately analyze the quantity value of the light radiation, and at the same time change the current concept of the volume and distance of the light radiation in seawater based on the illuminance value, and establish the visual response of the light radiation and the fish eye on the reasonable research theory of energy transfer.

The response of fish to light radiation needs to distinguish between visual response and motion response, and the motion response is suitable for the region where the light radiation field is relatively uniform. Since the representation of light quantum does not require a specific direction, it is easy to model and calculate the inflow of fish eye described by the light quantum field in seawater.

The adaptability of fish to light radiation field, because light radiation in seawater is emitted in a gradient, phototactic fish will move in the adaptive range of light radiation, each gradient is described by a uniform light quantum field will be more meaningful, after all, the illuminance value is directional.

Studies have shown that most fish have response sensitivity to different wavelengths, and the difference in spectral response between some juvenile fish and adult fish is not high, but most fish have wavelength recognition problems (similar to human color blindness). From the perspective of the spectral response mechanism of visual cells, the superimposed spectral form of two kinds of monochromatic light radiation is superior to the spectral effect of a single wavelength.

The response of Marine fish to the wavelength of light radiation is roughly 460-560nm, which is higher in freshwater fish, and the response of fish eyes to the wavelength range is related to the evolutionary environment. From the perspective of spectral radiation range, the spectral band of this range has the longest radiation distance in seawater, and it is also the range of the wavelength of fish eyes response. The mechanism is more reasonable to explain from spectral technology.

In the case of ambient background light radiation, the phototaxis of fish are reduced, so it is necessary to increase the light amount of the light source or adjust the wavelength range to enhance the inductance. This phenomenon conforms to the visual mechanism that superposition two wavelengths of light is superior to a single wavelength, and can be used to explain the phenomenon that it is necessary to strengthen the amount of light collected by fish under moonlight. These studies are still the category of spectral technology of wavelength and spectral form.

The fish-lamp spectroscopy technology needs to combine geometric optics and the scattering mechanism of photons propagating through different media. From the experimental analysis, it can be seen that the final expression is the spectral form and wavelength, which has nothing to do with the illumination parameters.

In addition, for the UVR band, the expression of this wavelength range cannot be explained due to illumination parameters, such as the case of zero illuminance, but the corresponding explanation can be obtained from spectral techniques.

It is very important to study the phototaxis of fish and the appropriate physical measurement unit of light radiation for the fishing lamp.

The essence of the spectrum technology is the study of the spectral shape effect of the fish eye and the visual response to the wavelength, these studies are related to the conditional response and non-conditional response, without basic research, enterprises can not produce a good performance of the LED fish lamp.

6, need to observe light radiation from the eye of the fish

The lens of the human eye is convex lens, and the lens of the fish eye is a spherical lens. The spherical lens can increase the amount of photons injected into the fish eye, and the field of view of the fish eye is about 15 degrees larger than that of the human eye. Because the spherical lens cannot be adjusted, the fish cannot see distant objects, which conforms to the motion response of phototropism.

There is a difference between the spectrum of the above and the underwater light, which causes the response behavior of different fish species, which is the result of the response of the fish eye to the spectrum.

The aggregation time and residence time of different fish in the light radiation region are different, and the movement mode in the light radiation region is also different, which is the behavioral response of fish to light radiation.

Fish have a visual response to UVR, which is not well studied.

Fish respond not only to light radiation, but also to sound, smell, magnetic fields, temperature, salinity and turbidity, climate, season, sea area, day and night, etc., that is, although fish-lamp spectroscopy is the main factor. However, the response of fish to spectral radiation is not a single technical component, so it is necessary to consider comprehensively in the study of spectral technology of fish lamp.

7. Suggestions

LED fish light provides the choice of fish light quality adjustable and reasonable lighting distribution, provides a more scientific technical research depth, LED fish light technology determines the characteristics of increased production and energy saving, which is the future market position of the elements.

In the future, the total amount of fishing vessels and the total amount of fishing is a policy reduction, indicating that the LED fishing lamp manufacturing enterprises can not be too much, the fishing lamp is a fishing efficiency tool, the application effect of this tool is related to the economic interests of fishermen, this interest needs to participate in the joint maintenance of enterprises, and jointly prevent the entry of shoddy products, which is also a serious consideration of the fishing lamp industry.

In my opinion, when the LED fish lamp market began to gradually develop, the industry needs to build a national alliance organization, establish a market credit system, the credit system is reflected in the product technical standards and the construction of industry norms, so as to avoid shoddy products damage market credit and maintain the investment interests of the market, no industry norms is impossible to develop healthily. Especially such instrumental cross-border products.

The greatest success in the information age is sharing, the essence of competitiveness is technology competition, through the establishment of a national alliance to jointly cope with domestic and international market competition.

Through the organized establishment of horizontal systematic research and experimental mechanisms, sharing technology and resources, and endorsing the credit of enterprises and individuals to serve the development of fisheries.

This proposal requires the participation of the majority of enterprises, you can put forward suggestions and participation requirements to the message function of this article, negotiate together, maintain everyone’s investment interests, and create a good foundation for the development of  fishing lamp OR ballast for fishing lamp manufacturing industry.
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