500W LED night fishing light Sea fishing LED

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20 years of experience in the field of fishing lamps And our unique development of light, Designed for harsh ocean conditions Meet the needs of energy saving high brightness and long life.

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Product Numbe Efficiencv [Lm/W ] Color Temp [ K ]  Input  frequency  
TL-500W 110Lm/W Green/Custom 110-265VAC 50/60Hz
Weight[ Kg ] Packing quantity Net weight Gross weight Packaging Size
About4.3Kg 1pcs 4.6kg 7.8 kg 26×26×13.5cm

Product Parameter

LED set fishing lamp industry. Upstream mainly for LED, electronic components, metals, plastics and other industries, upstream industry
Technology development ability and processing level will directly affect the quality of raw materials or semi-finished products of LED fishing lamp enterprises, but
To the overall quality of the final product, cost and use effect. Using the phototropism characteristic of fish, polymerization by light induction
Collecting fish to catch fish is a very common way of fishing at sea. With the rapid development of photoelectric technology
Development, LED has been widely used in the field of fishery.

The cost of LED fishing lights  products mainly includes direct material cost, direct labor cost and manufacturing cost (energy and other), among which, direct material cost is the highest, accounting for more than 80%. Our company's LED fish-collecting lamp adopts the mold top design. Increase the permeability of the water surface. Let the light seep into the water, rather than lying flat on the surface. The optical efficiency of a single bead is up to 167ml/W. Seawater salt spray test 360 days, the product no water leakage. It is the best helper for ocean fishing. The LED fishing lights are designed for different operating areas.

If you need to use LED fish lamp, please tell us the following:
1. Longitude and latitude of the fishing vessel's operating area
2. Color of the sea water in the area where fishing boats operate
3. Names of the main fish caught.
4. The fishing hours of the vessels are from the beginning to the end of the month of each year
After understanding the above information, our engineers will recommend a more suitable light color for you to use LED fishing lamp.

warning :
High Perfomance Driver Specialfor Fishing Lamps Keep The Driver 2.6 Meters above Sea L evel

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