Manufacturer of squid fishing lights Safety production meeting

In order to prevent the occurrence of major safety accidents, reduce the physical and mental impact of general accidents on employees, and reduce the economic losses caused by production safety accidents, the company’s production safety Committee organized the 2022 annual production safety work conference on June 28 in the company’s conference room.
This meeting. It mainly focuses on three issues:
First, the company’s security director gave a summary report on the 2022 security work. Some typical accident cases are analyzed comprehensively. All employees are aware of the importance of safety in production.
Then, the head of the Energy saving ballast for fishing lamps department put forward his own opinions on the annual safety plan and discussed the corresponding solution measures, which truly reflects the ideal decision-making team power of safety management. And requires the heads of all departments to strengthen the inspection of water, electricity and gas pipelines and equipment in the workshop every day.

Squid Night Fishing Lamp factory
After the presentation by the head of the metal halide fishing lamp department, the General Manager of the company made a concluding statement on the safety plan.
Finally, the company signed a safety responsibility letter with the person in charge of MH fishing lamp production factory and fishing lamp ballast production factory. Through this initiative, the company further strengthened the awareness of safety responsibility of the responsible persons at all levels, and conducted fire drills throughout the plant to train employees to respond to emergencies, and all employees must learn to use all fire equipment.

In terms of safety and occupational health, the only numbers we can understand are zero accidents and zero occupational injuries.” It is precisely because of this safety element that Jinhong’s fishing lamp production factory has been obsessed with “0″ from the beginning.
(0 accidents, 0 defects, 0 complaints) has created its brilliant performance as a professional fishing light manufacturer has been adhering to the industry leader.
Our safety starts from the performance goal of “zero” accidents, starts from standardized on-site management, and always regards strengthening safety management as the responsibility of every manager.
We make safety management a top priority for every manager.

Squid Night Fishing Lamp factory

Post time: Jun-30-2022